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Our first Laze Loves blog...

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We’d like to introduce our new Laze Loves blog! Each month we’ll be picking our favourite Lazers and asking them a few questions to get to know them better. We'll be finding out more about all the amazing women out there who support Laze and show us what it is to be a girl boss! So take a read and keep an eye out each month to see who we’re talking to... 


Amy Neville Blog


A M Y   N E V I L L E

This month we’ve been absolutely girl crushing on the beautiful Amy Neville and her laid back model style - so we thought we’d introduce her as our first ever Laze Love!

Amy has been a model for a few years now and also heads up her own blog: Fashion Diaries with wonderful interviews, style tips and of course a lowdown of her glamorous life and travels. She's answered a few of the questions we were dying to know so we could find out a little bit more... 


Amy Neville Model Laze Pyjamas

What’s your perfect weekend away?
You can't beat a spa weekend, my fave place to go and relax is Chewton Glen hotel in the UK. I have currently spent this weekend in the Maldives though (all in the name of work) but I would say that it's been my most perfect weekend away yet! 
Are you a morning person or a late riser?
Naturally I am a late riser, I am not a morning person at all! I need my sleep... but with my job and early call times it can be hard so I drink lots of green tea in the mornings and (naughty I know) BUT I have a chocolate bar every morning to give me a sugar rush to start the day!


Bubble bath and wine or cold beer and a hot shower?
Of course bubble bath and wine, its the only thing that relaxes me at the end of a busy day with my crazy schedule!


What’s your favourite scent?
I'm a bit of a chanel girl, chanel chance or chanel coco mademoiselle are my faves!


One film you’ve seen over and over again…?
Pretty Woman ..never gets old!


Who do you admire the most?
I recently just lost my nan over Christmas, every interview asked I always say she is my true inspiration in life. She lived life not caring what anyone thought about her and was full of energy and fun! I know everyone says it but life really is too short to compare yourself to others or worry what anyone else thinks just be happy! I have started travelling more with my blog to get more interesting, creative content around the globe. Losing her made me realise that I wanted to go do this even more.


What makes you go to sleep?
I sit on my phone in bed every night, so bad I know but weirdly it does make me sleepy. Also lavender spray on my pillow!


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Follow Amy's adventures @amynevfashiondiaries


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