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The 6 best bedroom ideas for 2018

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Hanging Pendants

Having a dim and atmospheric light in your bedroom is great for creating a relaxed vibe ready for some peaceful sleep, but you do not have to stick to the average side lamp anymore. Ditch the table lamps and think about hanging pendant lights near your bed instead!


Hanging pendants bedroom interiors


The Power of Hague Blue

We love a navy and it's the perfect bedroom trend to match your Hague Laze pyjamas! This colour has successfully been one of the top trends of 2017 and it's going nowhere. Elegant and sophisticated and proven to be a great colour to match almost anything and yet still add some intricacy to your bedroom.


Hague Blue navy colours for bedroom interiors


All the Shades of White...

Calm, bright and minimal - white is hands down still a top bedroom choice. White can give your bedroom and energetic and cathartic make-over for pure serenity. Keeping it all white will definitely invigorate your room in an un-expected way. 


All white bedroom interiors


Brassy Bedsides

Hints of brass is the next big thing this 2018. This golden metallic finish adds a touch of gilded luxury bringing to life deep, rich colours. We are absolutely loving the mix of black, mustard and a cute brass pineapple lamp in this elegant but fun bedroom...


Brass interior touches bedroom decor


50 Shades of Grey

Yes, grey is still the ultimate colour for all interiors this year again. With an amazing choice of shades grey is versatile and can be extremely warm if done well. Mixing several shades of within your bedroom will add a deluxe yet modern touch.


Grey bedroom shades for great interiors


Concrete Industrial Vibes

Mix modern furniture with rough concrete walls to make a bedroom with a difference. Concrete and 'un-done' walls have become super popular over the past year and are a cheap way of making your interiors feel modern and yet cool. If this is going a bit too far for you use a grey paint and cleverly create the same effect. 


concrete grey bedroom interior inspiration


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