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The secret to an amazing bod? SLEEP

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This month we've teamed up with The Collective Elite and the Laze girls are taking part in the 8 Week Challenge to tone up, get healthier and earn our lazing and look good whilst at it! 


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Here they tell us why sleep is oh so important when it comes down to getting that lean bod worthy of Instagram...

"Sleep well, get lean. Sounds like the kind of thing dreams are made of, right? Well, it’s true. But don’t get us wrong… we don’t mean you can swap a workout for a snooze, but we do mean that you should probably be getting more sleep. Let us explain…

When it comes to regenerative, recovery activities, sleep is king. That’s why it’s so unfortunate that most of us don’t get as much sleep as we need. Sleep boosts your immune system, promotes optimal mental health and function as well as supporting physical recovery.


fitness health pyjamas laze wear the collective elite

When you get too little sleep, your body sees that as stressful. Consequently, levels of the ‘stress hormone’ called Cortisol increase. The result? You’ll feel constantly hungry, despite having adequate food. Your Insulin levels also take a hit, and that’s no good because Insulin is the main hormones behind a healthy metabolism. With funky Insulin levels, your body will have trouble metabolising things it used to easily (like it did when you were getting a good amount of sleep).

Put the funky Cortisol & Insulin levels together and not only will you be eating more, but you won’t be able to metabolise all this extra food, leading to a build up of body fat, predominantly around the abdominal area.

fitness health workout the collective elite laze wear pyjamas

So if you’re eating well and working out but are still holding a little extra pudge around your middle, then it can be tempting to push yourself even harder, when actually, the best thing you can do for your health, your body and your results is to get some rest. And there ain’t any better rest than some good old fashioned shut eye. You’ll decrease your cortisol levels, which will help you better burn abdominal fat, getting you that lean, toned physique.

It just goes to show, the key to getting a strong, lean, toned physique isn’t just about your fitness and nutrition, but your recovery too."

You don't have to tell us twice, we'll definitely be hitting the workout hard to earn ourselves more time in our Laze Wear!

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Register now to take part in the 8 Week Challenge and give yourself the chance to win some amazing goodies including TWO of our Dream Sets of your choice! 



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